World Biofuel Day 2021: Know the history, theme and importance of this day, wish it this way

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World Biofuel Day 2021: World Biofuel Day is observed on 10 August to spread awareness about non-conventional sources of fuel. Non-conventional sources of fuel can be an alternative to fossil fuels. The day marks the various efforts of the government in the field of biofuels. The Government of India has started several schemes to promote the bio-fuel sector.

World Biofuel Day is celebrated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas since 2015. Any fuel that is obtained from biomass such as plant, algal material or animal waste is known as a biofuel and can be regenerated as energy, thrown away without polluting and can be used for energy. There is a continuous source.

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History of World Biofuel Day 2021
This day is celebrated in honor of the research experiment done by Sir Rudolf Diesel. In 1853, he powered the engine with groundnut oil. Their use opened the door for vegetable oil to replace fossil fuels in later centuries to fuel various mechanical engines.

Theme, Quotes and Wishes of World Biofuel Day
The theme of World Biofuels 2021 is based on ‘Promoting Biofuels for a Better Environment’. Its purpose is not to eliminate fossil fuels completely, but to make a balanced policy. By providing a practical solution to biofuel, help in improving the economic condition of the country can be achieved. Know the quotes of prominent personalities on this occasion.

1. “Biofuels are the future of energy around the world.” – Rod Blagojevich

2. “The use of plant oil as a fuel may seem insignificant today. But such products may be as important in the future as the products of kerosene and bitumen today.” – Rudolf Diesel

3. “Increased use of biofuels will be an invaluable contribution to alleviating poverty, social inclusion and income generation for many of the world’s poorest countries.” – Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

4. “Ethanol and biodiesel will pave the way for people to burn clean forms of energy.” – Mark Kennedy

5. “We must accelerate the development of alternative fuels by exploiting renewable resources such as corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel.” – Bobby Jindal

6. One should never forget that fossil fuels are very valuable and biofuels are a smart choice. Happy World Biofuel Day.

7. That which is cheap, durable, renewable and efficient is always better. We should make more and more people aware about the benefits of biofuels. Happy Biofuel Day.


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