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The upcoming movie “Flashback” starring Prabhudeva and Regina Cassandra is set to showcase a unique love story between two people of different ages. The movie centers around a lustful relationship between Prabhudeva and Regina Cassandra’s characters, with a flashback to an older lady’s story. This article explores the lead actors, plot overview and the different aspects of the movie’s love story.

Lead Actors

The two lead actors in “Flashback” are Prabhudeva and Regina Cassandra. Prabhudeva is an Indian film director, actor, dancer, and choreographer. He is known for his iconic dance and action sequences in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. Regina Cassandra is an Indian film actress and model who has starred in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. Both actors bring their unique acting styles to the movie and are sure to make it a hit.

Plot Overview

The movie “Flashback” follows a young man, played by Prabhudeva, and a young woman, played by Regina Cassandra. The two of them develop a strong connection and begin a passionate love affair. However, the story takes a twist when the man discovers that the woman’s life is full of secrets and lies. The story then takes a flashback to an older lady’s story, which reveals the truth about the woman’s past.

Flashback Romance

The movie’s flashback romance is set between an older lady and a younger man. The two of them develop a deep connection and eventually fall in love. The story shows the struggles of the older lady as she struggles to come to terms with her feelings for the younger man. The flashback romance is sure to be a highlight of the movie, as it explores the issues of age and love.

Lustful Relationship

The love affair between Prabhudeva and Regina Cassandra’s characters is full of lust and passion. The two of them are drawn to each other, and their relationship quickly develops into a passionate affair. The movie explores the different aspects of a lustful relationship, such as the excitement and danger of the forbidden love.

Older Lady’s Story

The movie’s flashback to the older lady’s story is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster. The story explores the struggles of an older woman coming to terms with her love for a younger man. The movie is sure to

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