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Want to see some of Abu Dhabi’s beautiful scenery and learn about its rich history and culture simultaneously? You’re not alone. Every year, millions of tourists come for Abu Dhabi City Tour to see its famous buildings, five-star stores, and top-notch entertainment parks.

Many people who go to Abu Dhabi only see the most well-known places. However, the city has many more secret gems that are worth seeing. The City Abu Dhabi Tour is there to fill this gap. Our experienced guides and customized plans will show you the hidden gems of a city that most tourists never see.

With one of our Abu Dhabi City Tour deals, you’ll get a unique and fantastic look into the heart of Abu Dhabi. You’ll see everything from the peaceful beauty of Mangrove National Park to the exciting history of Qasr Al-Hosn fort and palace. With our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai, seeing and hearing everything this fantastic city offers has never been easier.

But don’t just take our word for it; come on the Best Abu Dhabi City Tour and see why so many people have said our tours are the best. Those who want to make the most of their time in Abu Dhabi can take advantage of our Abu Dhabi city tour with lunch, which lets them eat in style while seeing the city’s many sights.

Instead of taking a standard Abu Dhabi city sightseeing tour, why not try living like a local for a while? Reserve your spot on an Abu Dhabi Tour right away and get ready to learn about the city’s exciting past and secret treasures.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Following lesser-known places are some of the best parts of your Abu Dhabi Tour:

1. The Mangrove National Park

The Mangrove National Park is a peaceful haven only a short drive from the centre of Abu Dhabi. It is a nice break from the busyness of the city. Look for Abu Dhabi city tour deals.

2. The Al Ain Oasis

If you want to see the real Abu Dhabi, go to Al Ain Oasis. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is excellent for learning about the city’s rich cultural history. It has more than 147,000 date trees and native falaj watering systems. An Abu Dhabi city sightseeing tour will help you learn more about the oasis’ past and significance.

3. Emirates Park Zoo

Abu Dhabi is best known for its wealth. Still, tourists can meet the city’s furry and feathery residents up close and personal. At the Emirates Park Zoo, you can see giraffes, tigers, monkeys, and even birds of prey. The petting zoo and animal shows make this stop on your City Abu Dhabi Tour fun and educational.

There is an Abu Dhabi City journey, no matter what you like to do or how much money you have. With an Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai, seeing the best of this fantastic city has never been easier. The Abu Dhabi city tour with lunch is an excellent choice for people who want to get the most out of their time in the city by seeing sights and eating delicious food.

So why wait? Set up the Best Abu Dhabi City Tour immediately and get ready to discover the city’s secret gems.

Hidden cultural and historical sites

· Qasr Al Hosn

Historical The fort and house at Qasr Al-Hosn were built in the 18th century. It was home to the royal family until 1966 when it became a museum. The fort’s white stone walls and buildings make for beautiful construction visitors can check out. The palace has displays that show the history and culture of Abu Dhabi. Visitors can look at clothes and other items from that time. Admission is cheap, and there are tour guides who speak both English and Arabic.

· Heritage Village

Heritage Village is an excellent place to go if you want to learn about traditional Emirati culture. This exact copy of an average oasis town has a museum, lectures, and craft displays. Watch as artists from the United Arab Emirates show what they can do with clay, fabric, and metal. Tourists can also visit an ancient mosque, a lookout, and a souq.

· Women’s Handicraft Centre

In Abu Dhabi, Emirati women work together at the Women’s Handicraft Centre to make and sell arts and crafts from the area. Some of the handiwork on the show includes intricate stitching, hand-made rugs, and beautiful jewellery. Visit the place to meet local women, help the community, and buy a unique gift. The prices for the hand-made items are not set, but they vary.

Even though Abu Dhabi has some well-known sights, it also has a lot of cultural and historical sites. Everyone who likes building, history, or traditional arts and crafts will find something they like here. Be sure to include these places on your Abu Dhabi city sightseeing tour.

Unique experiences

Tourists can do things in Abu Dhabi that aren’t possible anywhere else. One chance is to go to the Falcon Hospital, where people can see and even touch falcons. The facility gives visitors a unique look at an old Emirati tradition: taking care of and raising falcons.

· Sunset camel ride

Another unique thing to do is ride a camel in the desert at sunset. The views of the sand dunes are stunning, and you’ll get to experience genuine Bedouin kindness. Guests can enjoy tea and some dates while watching the sunset over the desert.

· Local Emirati cuisine

Last but not least, you can’t leave Abu Dhabi without trying some real Emirati food. Machboos, a hot rice dish, and Luqaimat, sweet cakes, are two of the locals’ favourite foods that visitors should try. Camel milk ice cream is a tasty treat for people who like to try new things.

Abu Dhabi has much to give everyone, whether they are interested in culture, history, or extraordinary adventures. Include some of these less well-known places on your Abu Dhabi city sightseeing tour for a really unique trip.


Last but not least, Abu Dhabi is full of surprises and gems that haven’t been found yet. Even though you shouldn’t miss the top sights, getting away from the crowds can sometimes lead to more exciting and memorable experiences. Everyone can find something to do in this city, whether they want to boat through the marshes at Mangrove National Park, visit the Falcon Hospital, or try real Emirati food. Guests can learn about Abu Dhabi’s history, culture, and beautiful scenery off the main road.

Don’t wait to book an Abu Dhabi tour and see everything the city offers. Adventure Planet Tourism’s Abu Dhabi city tour deals from Dubai include private tours, tours with lunch, and tours that visit historical sites and cultural attractions. Share your stories with others to help spread the word about these fantastic hidden gems during Abu Dhabi City Tour.
Abu Dhabi, the glittering capital of the United Arab Emirates, is home to some of the most impressive architecture in the world, from its iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to its awe-inspiring Etihad Towers. But beyond its gleaming towers and glamorous coastline lies a city full of unexpected treasures. From ancient historical sites to natural beauty, here’s a tour of the city’s hidden gems that you won’t want to miss.

First stop on your tour is the Al Jahili Fort, built back in 1891 by Sheikh Zayed the First. An imposing structure with four towers, it’s the perfect place to learn more about the city’s Bedouin past. History buffs should also head to Qasr Al Hosn, one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was formerly the residence of the ruling family and today visitors can explore the fort’s garden and artifacts, as well as its collection of Arabian horses and falcons.

For a bit of culture, nothing beats a visit to the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation. This stunning building, complete with traditional balconies, has hosted numerous art exhibitions and musical performances, as well as cultural activities for kids. It’s also a great spot to try traditional Emirati food, like machbous (a spiced rice dish).

If you’re looking for something a bit more natural, then beaches like Al Bateen and Saadiyat Islands are the perfect escape. There’s also the Mangrove National Park, home to dozens of species of wildlife and stunning views of the city. And it’s the perfect spot for an outdoor BBQ or a romantic picnic under the stars.

Finally, adventure seekers will want to explore the city’s unique underwater world. The serene Arabian Gulf is home to some of the world’s best coral reefs and a wide variety of fish, as well as the occasional sea turtle. There are plenty of diving and snorkeling tours to choose from.

So, why not take the time to explore Abu Dhabi’s hidden gems and discover its hidden treasures? From ancient forts to serene beaches and fascinating wildlife, the city has plenty of surprises in store for its visitors. If you already decided to discover Abu Dhabi, let’s go on and book your stay with cozycozy.

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