Sunday, July 21

Aashka Goradia, the popular Indian TV actress, recently made an empowering statement on social media by posting a topless photo of herself with a powerful message for the haters. The post was accompanied by a yoga pose on the seashore which further accentuated the strong message.

Aashka Goradia’s Powerful Message

Aashka Goradia took to Instagram to share a topless picture of herself on the seashore with an empowering message for the haters. She wrote, “Haters, I don’t need your love, I don’t need your hate, all I need is to be me and to be free”.

Aashka Goes Topless

In the post, Aashka can be seen standing in the seashore with her back facing the camera. She is wearing a pair of blue shorts and her top is left open to reveal her back. The photo was captioned with an inspiring message for the haters.

Yoga Pose On The Seashore

Aashka also posted a video of herself in a yoga pose on the seashore. She is seen doing a backbend with her feet in the sand. The video was captioned with the same message as the photo and was accompanied by the hashtag #loveyourself.

Posting On Social Media

The post was shared on Instagram and was met with a positive response from her fans. Aashka’s followers praised her for her inspiring message and for her bravery in posting such a bold photo.

Fans React To The Post

Fans from all over the world reacted positively to Aashka’s post. Many showed their support for her message and thanked her for inspiring them.

Message For The Haters

Aashka’s post was a strong message for the haters who have been trying to bring her down. She wanted to show them that she is unafraid of their opinions and that she is strong enough to ignore them and stay true to herself.

Aashka Goradia’s post was a powerful message to the haters and an inspiring one to her fans. Her body-positive post was met with a positive response from all over the world and she is sure to inspire many more with her message of self-love and self-acceptance.

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