Clean shave, stylist hairstyle and this innocent laugh at it, Ranveer Singh’s latest pictures on Insta have won the hearts of fans

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Ranveer Singh Latest Photos: Ranveer Singh or Deepika Padukone are both on Instagram but they share only selected posts. It is another thing that every post of his becomes viral as soon as it is shared. Now Ranveer Singh posted his latest pictures on Instagram, so he too did not take long to go viral. In these pictures Ranveer Singh is seen in clean shaven, stylist hairstyle but what is attracting his attention the most is his innocent smile. Which everyone is in love with.

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Ranveer Singh flaunts muscular body
Ranveer Singh has shared three photos together. In the first picture, he is wearing sando and he is seen smiling. In the second picture, he is posing in style in which his perfect body is being flaunted a lot. In the third picture, Ranveer Singh is flaunting his body but the suppressed laughter on his face is telling a lot.



At the same time, these pictures of Ranveer Singh are also being liked a lot. And along with the fans, celebs are also commenting a lot on Ranveer’s post.

Ranveer Singh will be seen in Baiju Bawra
Ranveer Singh was being spotted at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office for a long time and now the news has come that he is going to play the lead role in director Bhansali’s next film Baiju Bawra. Earlier the names of Karthik Aryan and Ranbir Kapoor were coming out for this role but now it is reported that Ranveer Singh’s name has been finalized in this. Even before this, Ranveer Singh has worked with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Ram Leela, Padmavat and Bajirao Mastani and this will be the fourth time that the two will be teaming up for a project.


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