Sara Ali Khan does not even know her ‘lookalike’, is a big fan of K-Pop

From PM Narendra Modi to Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, there are many such celebs, whose lookalike has been seen by all. Now Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s Ladli i.e. the princess of Pataudi family and a lookalike of actress Sara Ali Khan has come to the fore. The one who is being compared to Sara is a fan of K-Pop. Its name is Park Yiz. You will be surprised to know that this girl who looks exactly like Sara is not from India. Recently, she told through a video that she does not even know Sara.

Park Yiz recently shared a funny video after being compared to Sara Ali Khan. Along with sharing the video, she has written, ‘I am answering the same question asked many times.’ It reads, ‘Are you Sara Ali Khan?’ To this, Park says, ‘Yes, this is his K-pop account.’

With this she wrote, ‘Which actress do I look like? I didn’t know who Sara Ali Khan was. When I started getting so many comments last year that I look like her. It doesn’t bother me. I think people compare us because we have similar eyebrows and nose. I don’t think we are lookalike but I can understand.



Many people are commenting on this post of Park Yeez. Many people again wrote that yes she looks like Sara Ali Khan. One user wrote, ‘I saw today… I thought you looked like someone and today I got my answer.’ While another wrote, ‘The funny thing is that it has just come when Sara Ali Khan’s song is playing on TV’.

Park has more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram. This gives an idea of ​​their popularity.

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