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The online gambling industry is developing at a rapid pace. More recently, an inexperienced online casino user could be attracted by the presence of top providers on virtual gambling platforms and a huge selection of video slots. Today, every gambling site has these components. New users go to those platforms that are well known. How to attract new players with such a huge number of competitors? We are absolutely sure that gamification plays the main role in attracting and retaining customers. When did this concept appear in the industry, what are its features and why do gambling fans like it? 

Gamification began to appear on virtual gaming platforms just a few years ago. Many operators started to take into account the wishes of the players and their irrepressible desire for various types of achievements. Nature gave each of us a unique ability to set ambitious goals and achieve their implementation. Virtual casinos today can be considered an ideal example of a business using gamification to improve the quality of the gaming experience and rapidly increase the level of user engagement in an exciting gaming process. 

What is the focus of gamification today? There are more and more new bonuses and rewards. Special bonus offers and rewards are provided to players for a reason, but for completing certain missions and tasks. Players can get bonuses in the form of free spins, additional credit funds, prize chips, and even tempting cashback. Shangri La offers all kinds of bonuses and original promotions for its guests.

Increasingly, you can find various tournaments in online casinos in which players can compete with each other on the way to victory and additional rewards. Virtual casinos organize regular tournaments and contests for their users, where they complete challenges and earn rewards. 

New levels of experience are emerging in online casinos and new achievements are emerging in connection with this. These are various loyalty programs. Players receive additional points for activity on the site. For frequent participation in various games, for regular replenishment of the game balance. With each new level of the loyalty program, the player gets access to new games, new, more attractive bonuses, to a new level of service. 

Gamification also has an impact on the desire of many players to interact in the game with other players. The social aspect of gamification is implemented as an interactive live chat or forum. The function of adding friends has also become more frequently used. Now players feel like an important part of the community. This will undoubtedly encourage them to play here even more. 

How else is gamification used in the virtual world of gambling? 

Live dealer games in online casinos have also begun to use gamification. For example, live blackjack has gained new types of bets and additional bonus rounds. This will become a new level of user involvement in the gaming process, adding new emotions and pleasant gambling excitement to the game. 

Video slots have also undergone a gamified transformation. Players have new goals in games. Their achievement is possible through the passage of various missions and quests. Now the fall of certain combinations on the reels can give the player additional bonus features and open the way to new and pleasant rewards. Playing video slots is getting more and more interesting every day. 

Briefly about the main 

Today it is simply impossible to imagine a popular gambling platform without elements of gamification. This trend offers users a unique opportunity to upgrade their gaming experience. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, we can look forward to further adoption of gamification. Now everyone knows how much this trend provides a more immersive experience for millions of fans of virtual gaming platforms. 

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