‘Anupamaa’ Upcoming Twist: Toshu will take dangerous revenge on Anupama, has made a disgusting plan for little Anu

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‘Anupamaa’ Upcoming Twist : The story of Rupali Ganguly starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ is getting exciting day by day. We can see in Anupama in the coming time how big punishment can be given to someone for speaking the truth. Because now the poison of enmity between mother and son seems to be spreading in the story of the show.

Anupama’s son Toshu (Ashish Mehrotra) is playing a big role in taking the story forward. In the coming time, Toshu will come out as a villain. Because he has blamed Anupama for breaking up his family. So he is soon going to plan revenge with Anupama.

Kapadia House reached to persuade wife

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The story of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ seems to be turning completely on the deception and separation in the relationship of Paritosh Shah and Kinjal Shah. Because Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) is trying to forget this pain and she has now left Shah House to live with her daughter in Kapadia House.

After which Toshu will reach Kapadia House to meet Kinjal and Pari i.e. his daughter. He will be so drunk that Kinjal and Anuj will take him away from the daughter. He will ask Kinjal to accompany him but Kinjal will refuse.

Toshu will try to give his life

Next we will see that Anupama understands that Toshu is doing some other trick by being poor. She sees Toshu threatening to kill himself with a knife in his hand. Just then Anupama comes from behind and tells him that if he wants to die then why is he delaying. Hearing this, Toshu’s entire suicide drama comes to an end.

What was the plan made with little Anu?

Now in the coming time, we will see that Toshu will emerge as the biggest villain of the TV show ‘Anupama’. Because Toshu feels that his mother has taken him away from his daughter, he will now plan to take away Anupama’s daughter i.e. little Anu from him. He will directly threaten Anupama by reaching Kapadia House. So it remains to be seen what Toshu is going to do with little Anu?

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